torsdag 9. april 2009


It's finally easter, and we are visiting my mother outside Molde. We are having a nice time, and the weather is much better than last year when it was aweful. I haven't done any scrapping since we came, but I'm going on a crop tomorrow. *Yeay*
I've never been to a crop on these parts before, so I'm really looking forward to that. The only one I know who's coming is Salte, and it's always nice to see her again :-)
Yesterday when we were in town, I came across this wall, and had to take some pics off course;
Ivar having trouble standing still, and always has to make funny faces
Mette posing. Pretending to be a diva.
And Anne copying her big sister, not really knowing what she's doing *hihi'
I was going to show you some of my latest layouts, but they are on my other computer back home. So I'll post them when I return.
Wish you all a nice easter and happy egghunting!