søndag 6. juli 2008


In the summertime when the weather is high...
Who isn't happy when the weather is nice? And the music in the summer always bring back memories from happy days; thinking of past holidays and summer love *sigh*.

But today it has been raining, and I got time to make a layout for the challenge at ScrappeMania; make a layout where you use the title from the Top20 music play list from VG.
I just had to use Jason Mraz's title, I'm Yours. I LOVE that song!! And it keeps spinning around in my head constantly.
This is how it turned out, size 6x12: AND not only that, but I also made two lettersize LO's at a friends crop the other night. I made them for the summerschool over at Minneriket. They're giving different challenges throughout the summer. The ones I've made is for "Use at least 5 pictures" and "Distressing". Quite simple, but I just had to make something, just to get the scrappin' feeling again... it's been quite some time now. (blaming my full time job...)